Blockchain Will Completely Revolutionize The Way We Vote

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The U.S Presidential Election (2020)

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Building A Voting Dapp

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  • Smart contracts are self-executing digital contracts with the terms of the agreement between buyer and seller directly embedded into the code
  • They render transactions traceable, transparent, and irreversible
  • The most popular blockchain for running smart contracts is Ethereum
  • A dApp is a digital application that runs on a blockchain network of computers instead of relying on a single computer
  • They are entirely decentralized (free from the control and interference of a single authority)
  • Key benefits of dApps are their ability to safeguard users privacy, their lack of censorship, and their flexibility
Traditional Web vs Decentralized App

What You’ll Need

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Remix — Ethereum IDE:


Writing The Smart Contract (Backend)

Step #1: Setting up your workspace

Step #2: Declaring License + Solidity Version

Step #3: Define A Contract

Step #4: Define The Candidate Structure

Step #5: Mapping Candidates + Voters + Candidate Count

eventVote is explained in step #8

Step #6: Introduce Your Candidates

Step #7: Add Candidates Function

Step #8: Define Vote Function

Step #9: Return The Vote Count For A Candidate

Step #10: Test + Deploy Your Contract

Making It Interactive (Frontend)

Step #1: Set Up New Repl

Step #2: Create The Following Files

Step #3: Import The ABI (Application Binary Interface)

Step #4: Import The Smart Contract Address

Your Smart Contract Address Won’t Be the Same as Mine

Step #5: Set Up The Index.js File

Step #6: Set Up The Public/index.html File

You Can Find the Full Code to This Project in the Attached Video (End of Article)

Step #7: Create A Table For Candidates + Votes

Step #8: Connect Metamask Function

Step #9: Get Current Vote Count

Step #10: Get Current Account Function

Step #11: Create Vote Function

Step #12: Test Your Application

Newly Created Accounts Cannot Be Deleted!

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Hey, I’m Girik, a 16-year-old based in Toronto interested in blockchain technology and web3

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Girik Narang

Girik Narang

Hey, I’m Girik, a 16-year-old based in Toronto interested in blockchain technology and web3

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